Vision Processing Unit

A Dedicated Vision Processing Platform

The Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 VPU is the industry’s first always-on vision processor. It delivers high-performance machine vision and visual awareness in severely power-constrained environments.

Standing at the intersection of low-power and high performance, the Myriad™ 2 family of processors are transforming the capabilities of devices. Myriad 2 gives developers immediate access to its advanced vision processing core, while allowing them to develop proprietary capabilities that provide true differentiation.

Key Benefits

An ultra-low power design.
A high-performance processor.
A programmable architecture.
A small-area footprint.
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An ultra-low power design

For mobile and connected devices where battery life is critical, Intel's Myriad™ 2 VPU provides a way to combine advanced vision applications in a low power profile. This enables new vision applications in small form factors that could not exist before.

A high-performance processor

Bringing vision technologies in connected devices closer to the capabilities of human vision is what we do. Intel's Myriad™ 2 VPU enables advanced vision applications that are impossible with conventional processors.

A programmable architecture

The flexibility for developers to implement differentiated and proprietary applications is fundamental to Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2. Our optimized software libraries give device manufacturers the ability to differentiate, not duplicate, at the core level.

A small-area footprint

To conserve space inside mobile, wearable, and embedded devices, Intel's Myriad™ 2 VPU was designed with a very small footprint that can easily be integrated into existing products.

Additional Chip Details

The Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 architecture comprises a complete set of interfaces, a set of enhanced imaging/vision accelerators, a group of 12 specialized vector VLIW processors called SHAVEs, and an intelligent memory fabric that pulls together the processing resources to enable power efficient processing.

The Myriad 2 reference board includes reference camera and MEMs sensors, and an integration kit for applications processors, enabling developers to efficiently prototype applications.

Key Benefits

Main development board brings out all interfaces available.
Ships with reference image sensor daughter cards.
Includes power measurement board for easy power assessment in software profiling.
MIPI-to-USB bridge for rapid PC/board prototyping

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