For Intel's Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 & Myriad™ X VPUs

Software Development Kit

Powerful development tools and libraries for vision applications.

Intel's Movidius™ Myriad™ Development Kit (MDK) includes a groundbreaking software development framework that enables developers to incorporate proprietary functions of their own and build arbitrary processing pipelines while taking advantage of the optimized software libraries provided. Also included are a rich set of vision, imaging, and deep neural network libraries, plus reference vision processing pipeline examples, all provided as source code. The MDK includes all the programming and debugging tools necessary to enable developers to innovate and differentiate.

Key Benefits

Ease of programming with Myriad Development Kit (MDK)
Eclipse-based graphical development
Rich set of tools, frameworks, and optimized libraries
Supports C, C++
Auto dataflow support for arbitrary application pipeline development
Posix RTOS support
Tool suite for automatic porting of deep Neural Networks

Optimizing Vector Compiler

Our Compiler derive from very close to the head of LLVM, and includes support for all relevant optimizations for our platform. C/C++ are supported.

System Trace Profiler and Sampling Profiler

This tools enable optimization of code and introspection to give visiblity to system resource usage.

Full Chip Bit- and Cycle-accurate Simulator

Supporting development of code with enhanced metrics, and early prototyping for new silicon generations.

Eclipse Based IDE Full Source Level Debug on Multiple Processors

Project wizard and example projects to allow new teams to get started quickly


Multiprocessor debug with DWARF4 support

Imaging (ISP) Library

Wide range of optimized image processing functions including various filtering, transformations and other ISP kernels.

CV Library

Over 180 kernel functions supported with similar functionality to OpenCV

Linear Algebra Library

Optimized dense linear algebra and solvers, including automatic partitioning and scheduling of workload across multiple processors

Powerful framework enabling developer to create arbitrary pipelines

Specialized framework for handling dataflow with Directed Acyclical Graph API for building pipeline with ISP and Vision kernels. Helps developers focus on the processing, and leaving dataflow optimization to the tools.


Myriad 2 and Myriad X SOC internal pipeline control & scheduling, DMA drivers, inter-process messaging, MUTEX control. Drivers supporting complete set of peripheral interfaces. Hardware Pipeline abstraction layer.

Powerful, modular framework enabling developer to create arbitrary pipeline plug-ins

Specialized framework for handling dataflow with Graph API for building application pipelines including image signal processing (ISP), computer vision, and deep learning kernel functions and modular plug-ins. Helps developers focus on the processing, and leaving dataflow optimization to the tools.

Flexible API for Image Signal Processing (ISP)

Designed to help create, manage and execute one or more ISP pipelines concurrently

Adapted to handle camera & sensor diversity

Handles various resolution, frame rate; color & monochrome, HDR, Visible & IR sensors; visual and non-visual sensors, sensor fusion.

Adapted to varying camera topologies

Single vs. multiple sensors; master-slave configurations with system manager to maintain coherence; API for pipeline plug-ins; frame pool/buffer manager across pipelines.

Other features

Capture image data, colour and meta data streams; Unified Host API.

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