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Movidius Named in 50 Smartest Companies 2016 by MIT Technology Review

Movidius has been named one of the 50 smartest companies in tech for the year of 2016 by the MIT Technology Review. Since 2010, MIT Technology Review has published its list of the 50 smartest companies in tech, based on a combination of technological innovation and an effective business model. The list includes tech giants such as Amazon and Alphabet who are using digital technology to redefine industries, as well as smaller companies set to change the landscape of the tech sector moving forward. Movidius joins the list for the first year, being highlighted for its groundbreaking work in bringing visual intelligence to the Phantom 4 drone from DJI, and the upcoming augmented reality and virtual reality devices shipping with Movidius technology inside.

The full list of the 50 smartest companies of 2016 can be found here.

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