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Intel and Microsoft Enable AI Inference at the Edge with Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Units on Windows* ML

Intel and Microsoft are collaborating on Windows OS native support for the Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processor Unit (VPU). This purpose-built chip for accelerating artificial intelligence workloads at the edge will allow developers to build and deploy the next generation of deep neural network applications on Windows clients. During the March 7, 2018 Windows Developer Day, Microsoft announced Windows ML, an open standard framework for machine learning tasks in the Windows OS. Windows ML will dynamically determine the most suitable hardware for any given AI workload and intelligently distribute across multiple hardware types—now including Intel VPUs.

“We’re excited to work closely with Intel to enable developers around the world to build engaging and magical AI-powered experiences using Windows ML and the Intel Movidius VPU,” said Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president, Windows Developer Platform, Microsoft.

By implementing support for Intel’s VPU in Windows ML, Microsoft is providing ISVs the option of a dedicated deep learning inference solution, freeing up traditional hardware for other workloads or reducing the overall system power consumption, without requiring custom code. The Windows ML and Intel VPU combination has the potential to enable more intelligent client applications and core OS features, such as personal assistants, enhanced bio metric security, smart music and photo search and recognition. 

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