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Google Selects Huddly GO Smart Camera for Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

This week Google announced a dedicated hardware kit for the Hangouts Meet service, designed for high quality video and audio meetings. The Hangouts Meet hardware kit consists of a touchscreen controller, speaker, microphone, Chromebox and the debut smart camera from Norwegian startup Huddly. Utilizing the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 VPU, the Huddly GO combines an ultra-wide angle lens with the ability to extract multiple video feeds simultaneously, allowing Google engineers to implement features such as intelligent auto-zoom and automatic detection and framing of participants in the room. Huddly Go uses Intel VPU’s Computer Vision and Image processing to achieve advanced Computational Video Processing and Smart Camera functionality.

The Huddly GO is yet another example of Google utilizing Intel’s Movidius VPU technology in increasingly smart camera applications. On October 4th, Google announced the Intel Movidius VPU-powered Clips camera, which has the ability to act as a personal AI photographer. In the case of the Huddly GO camera, Myriad 2 is utilized to process a 120° ultra-wide angle video feed and provide multiple concurrent imaging pipelines for Google’s algorithms to make use of.

“Huddly is thrilled to have such great partners as Google and Intel’s Movidius group and we look forward to making an impact with vision products now and into the future. The Hangouts Meet hardware ushers in a cost-effective, modern, high quality kit for rooms of all sizes. The Myriad 2 chip from Movidius provides Huddly the foundation to build some exciting and unique camera solutions. It is fantastic to be on a journey that includes both of these great companies and teams.” Says Huddly CEO Jonas Rinde.

Huddly, a startup company founded in Norway boasts a team of video and teleconference industry veterans who made their names and reputation at companies such as Cisco, LifeSize and Tandberg, some of whom have been working in the space since the very first video streaming and conferencing technologies were commercialized in the late 1990s. Huddly has worked with Movidius for close to four years, and was one of the first adopters of the Myriad 2 VPU alongside leading drone manufacturer DJI. Huddly GO is the first commercial product from Huddly, which makes its debut as part of Google’s Hangouts Meet hardware kit, and will be available as a standalone device in the future. 

You can learn more about the Huddly GO camera at:

Learn more about the Google Hangouts Meet hardware kit by clicking here.

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