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Google Launches AIY Vision Kit Featuring Intel® Movidius™ VPU

Today Google announced its newest product for makers, innovators and students looking to bring the latest AI deep learning algorithms to everyday applications. Part of Google’s “AIY” project, the new Vision Kit is a self-contained camera and AI processor upgrade kit to Raspberry Pi 3 platforms.

In a blog post, Director of AIY Project at Google Research, Billy Rutledge wrote: "Today, we’re excited to announce our latest AIY Project, the Vision Kit. It’s our first project that features on-device neural network acceleration, providing powerful computer vision without a cloud connection.".

The AIY Vision Kit is designed for rapid and easy deployment of pre-trained neural networks that have been developed using Google’s open source Tensorflow™ deep learning framework. These neural networks allow the AIY Vision Kit to run applications such as emotion estimation and recognize over 1000 common objects such as cats, dogs and varieties of plants. Thanks to the Intel Movidius Myriad Vision Processing Unit (VPU) found in the AIY Vision Kit, these algorithms can be run locally and at very low power, making them ideal for mobile and robotics applications. 

Following on from the AIY Voice Kit, which enabled people to create intelligent devices that could understand voice commands and process natural speech, the AIY Vision Kit aims to deliver advanced computer vision capabilities in a low-cost, developer friendly package. 

The Google AIY Vision Kit is available to pre-order today via Microcenter

Learn more about the AIY Project and the Vision Kit at:

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