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HuaRay Demonstrates the Future of Industrial Machine Vision with Myriad 2 VPU from Movidius

Machine Vision is an essential element of modern factory automation. Connected sensors are ubiquitous in modern production facilities, and camera-based sensors make up a large proportion of them. In order to support high speed, reliable production, these sensors must be accurate, fast, and reliable. Now, HuaRay is utilizing the Myriad 2 platform to deliver even greater performance and accuracy with the new 5000 Series Camera unveiled on November 8th at Stuttgart's VISION Industrial Machine Vision Exhibition.

The 5000 Series Smart Camera features specially optimized algorithms such as barcode reading, vision localization, template matching, measurement, and OCR (optical character recognition). The 5000 Series is designed to be widely used in many kinds of industrial application environments. The advanced Movidius Myriad 2 processor not only significantly improves the computing performance of the product, but also tremendously reduces power consumption. HuaRay has tapped its decades of experience in image processing to tune the configurable ISP of Myriad for outstanding image quality of the camera. Over thousands of world-class reliability lab tests and hundreds of professional equipment tests ensures the great reliability of the 5000 Series. 

According to Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane: “Machine vision is a burgeoning industry and it has seen rapid growth in China and other regions over the past two years. We provide a best-in-class chip which has combined wonderfully with HuaRay’s abundant experience and strong capability of innovation. Their track record of technology and innovation leads me to believe that they will continue to release leading smart camera products in machine vision area.” 

Meanwhile, Vice president of Dahua technology and General Manager of HuaRay technology Mr. Zhang Xingming also said:“When it comes to machine vision, we are willing to continuously provide technical innovation and develop high quality products. Also, we will focus on committing our efforts to this industry for achieving the final goal of China Manufacture 2025 and Industry 4.0.”

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