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Myriad 2: a breakthrough in vision technology

Vision allows us to interact with the world in rich, complex ways. Now Myriad 2 brings some of that same sophistication to visual applications in connected devices.

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A new way to see

Today’s cameras and visual technologies only scratch the surface of what’s possible. Movidius brings cameras in connected devices closer to the complexity and sophistication of human vision.

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Movidius brings mobile vision processing to Google

Movidius provides breakthrough technology for mobile application developers in Project Tango, a revolutionary smartphone product/development kit from Google that allows developers to create distinctive visual applications beyond the capability of current mobile devices.

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Movidius announces Technical Advisory Board

Movidius has appointed David Tupman and Takeo Kanade to its Technical Advisory Board. Dr. Tupman is known for his influential roles at Apple, Inc. and Psion, while Professor Kanade is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost researchers in computer vision.

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